See you tonight! [6/12]

Ithaca's why+the+wires are back with a new lineup, headlining this Friday at Chanti-Loft alongside Toronto's Shipley Hollow, Syracuse's Department, and the new Ithaca youth punk troop ANANSI.

Check out tracks below! (Especially Shipley Hollow, crafting a bold blend of tropical, punk, math-rock, indie and more into a beautiful blur of genres).

[6/4] Pyrrhon / Couch Slut | [6/5] Sketch Tha Cataclysm / Vinyl Cape

[ripping prog death, noise rock, noise and more!]

[creative, indie hiphop from CT & Ithaca!]

See the IU calendar or Facebook for music, bios, and more. 

[5/29-5/30] IU @ Ithaca Festival: 100% Black, Del Paxton & Many More!


One & a half days of punk, indie, metal, folk, and experimental music from the underground at Ithaca Fest!

Ithaca Underground @ McNeil Stage


08:00 100% Black

07:00 Twin Lords

06:00 King Sized Pegasus

05:00 OG Deathstar



08:30 Del Paxton

07:30 Grafted I Am

06:45 Shore Acres Drive

06:00 Misses Bitches

05:15 Viva Mayhem

04:30 Sammus

03:45 Eyukaliptus

03:00 Pobaribanon & No Good Doll

02:15 Pollen 01:30 Arlo Chapple/VVR

01:00 Nihilist Rulebook/Deadbeat Choir



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