[10/26] Waxahatchee Tickets On Sale

Don't miss Waxahatchee's triumphent return to Ithaca on Monday, October 26th. Presale tickets are available here, so you don't miss out!

Locals Izzy True, Misses Bitches, and Modern Hut kick things off. Doors 7PM.  

[10/20] Shellshag, Imperials, Winston Bongo, Maple Hill @ Chanti-Loft

Shellshag back in town with OG Deathstar, new locals Winston Bongo, and pop-punkers Maple Hill.  

[10/17] Upsilon Acrux, Doubt, ANANSI, BRIAN! @ Chanti

L.A.'s Upsilon Acrux returns to Ithaca for the first time since 2009 with their best line-up yet -- dual drummer, rhodes, guitar, bass -- for some of the most mind bending music on the math/prog spectrum. Plus locals Doubt, ANANSI, and BRIAN! - performing a brand new duo piece composed just for this show. 

[10/11] Jon Mueller, Matt Weston, Sarah Hennies @ Sacred Root


A Magnetic Center is the culmination of years of work and focus on time, repetition, ritual, communication, expression, endurance, emotive action and movement by drummer and percussionist Jon Mueller. The preparatory work revealed often deeply complex and personal responses from audience members from over 25 cities in the US and Canada. 

[9/11] Wolf Eyes, 100% Black, Sunken Cheek, ESFP

Detroit noise juggernauts at Chanti this Friday, 9/11. 7PM doors. 10PM curfew. $10! 

Facebook. Tickets

[9/9] IU All Volunteer meeting

Interested in getting involved with Ithaca Underground? 

Now's your chance. Meet our volunteers, committee members, members of the IU Board, learn about IU and where you can get involved. 

We’ll mix, mingle, and connect, then discuss the present & future of IU. We look forward to bringing you all up to speed on our continued growth and where we need help.

7PM @ Tomkins County Workers Center, above Autumn Leaves on the Commons. If you have not filled out our quick volunteer survey, feel free to do so now here

[9/7] Speedy Ortiz, Lust, Modern Hut @ The Haunt

Big ol' don't-miss-out Labor Day show at The Haunt! 

Tickets. Facebook

[9/18] Busdriver, Sammus, Mr. McBean, Jesucifer @ The Haunt

One of hiphop's most creative artists gets the fine-poster treatment for this Friday night show at The Haunt - plus Sammus & more! 

Tickets. Facebook. Dont miss. 


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