[1/23] Kayo Dot | [1/24] Powerdove

Details via the IU calendar! 

Live Video: Bleak & Dialysis (more to come)

Lots of footage coming from this wild weekend. Bleak & Dialysis to start!

Live video: Derive, Shore Acres Drive, Pobaribanon @Waffle Frolic

Live video of IU's first show in Waffle Frolic's new expanded space! 

[1/18] First Chanti Loft show w/ Bleak, Dialysis, KSP & Bastard Eyes

In addition to Saturday's hiphop w/ touch of math-rock show at JBC, IU is launching its first ever all ages show at the Chanti Loft on the commons.

If the show goes smoothly and is well attended, Chanticleer is open to IU hosting all ages events upstairs on a more regular basis. So, in addition to supporting the rad punk, grind, and metal bands on the bill, ever single person's attendance can impact the future of IU shows downtown!


Chanti-Loft, 101 W State St | 7PM $7 


[1/17] MTMTM, Ceschi, Sammus, Bravo Blane, Gold Lex @ JBC

IU winter shows are in full effect this weekend with back to back Sat/Sun events. Saturday at Just Be Cause boasts a stacked line-up of local and touring hiphop acts with a touch of math-rock.

8PM, $7 and all ages. More info on the calendar to your right. 


IU 2015 starts Thursday!

Tons of IU shows coming your way this winter, starting this Thursday. See the calendar to the right for music links & bios or via Facebook

Punk & indie at Waffle Frolic this Thursday! 

MTMTM returns for their sole winter show w/ a slew of national & local hiphop talent @ JBC

A plethora of metal, punk, and grind for IU's first all ages show at The Chanticleer! (Be a part of IU history at this one)

Live Photos: BIG DAY IN #10

First batch of photos are in thanks to Rachel Casano! BIG DAY IN #10 @ The Haunt. 

Live Video: Jeff Rosenstock: Depression Werewolf @ BIG DAY IN

Thanks the 330+ attendees who came out to Big Day In! Check out these three tracks from Jeff Rosenstock's set thanks to Benjamin Torrey & Chris Knight. Tons more videos in the Big Day In #10 YouTube playlist, so check them out. 

BIG DAY IN #10 - Dec 6th @ The Haunt

15 bands for $7! End of year bash! 

Imperials | Take One Car | Scopes Monkey Trial | Eyukaliptus

CSMA Nov 20 9PM | $5-7 sliding scale to benefit CSMA Arts for All Marathon


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